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Thank You, Michelle Williams

Recently, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child fame, revealed that she struggled with depression. Michelle is often the object of jokes ridicule, and online bullying. This news did not help. Unfortunately, most did not offer sympathy or even compassion, instead it added another way to bully Michelle.

I do not know the complete details of Michelle’s story, but daily I live the reality of mental illness. Some days are better than others, and I find myself reluctant to open up about it. So I give props to Michelle for speaking her truth. Many people joke or brush off the idea of mental illness, especially for the rich and famous. But, Michelle and many others are great examples that money and true happiness are not mutually exclusive. You absolute can have the best of the best and be broken inside.

In the black community, It is believed that depression can be prayed away or that a romantic relationship will fix it. This is just an example of how far the black community has to go to accept and acknowledge that mental illness and it’s effects. I believe that prayer AND action is in the true remedy for many things. Yes, you can pray about the depression but utilize a form of therapy (there several and it takes work to find which is best for you). Nothing about mental illness is not one size fits, including coping mechanisms.

The life you desire is available to you. But you must not give up. The first step to be honest with yourself and acknowledge your truth.