You are your friends. You are your surroundings. We’ve all heard those statements before,but have you ever taken a moment to actually take inventory. Have you actually thought about what the character of your friends, says about you. Simply: those three to five friends that you use as a reference on your applications…THAT’S YOU!! Follow me….

Its your birthday and you decide to have a dinner party. You make reservations for ten

people, you, your closest four friends and spouses ( as always someone can’t make it). Most of the party is coming from work or somewhere close by and your coming from home. So, you get yourself all prepared and you leave your house at 715 ( I’m an Atlanta TRAFFIC). Well your entire party sans you and your boo arrive at the restaurant by 745. Luckily, the staff decides to sit your party and you’ll play catchup when you get there But of course, it’s a Friday night, so the restaurant is crowded. The staff managed to pull tables together but your guest hate it. The waitress is just back from maternity leave and she’s doing her best. But your friends, are giving her a hard time over everything, and have found a way to complain about everything from the complimentary appetizers, the LOUD mariachi band to the happy hour margaritas. the energy at your reserved table is negative and your party is difficult. It’s now 815 and you are in the parking lot…once your waitress is notified that you have arrived, she braces herself. She can’t handle it and ask that someone else take the table. You have not even entered the building, but because of the tone that your friends have set, you are already deemed problematic.

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