Bill, Robert and Kanye: whats next

The last couple of weeks have been quite chaotic and dramatic in the world of Black entertainment. Even if you are trying not to, you run across the happenings and it kinda forces you to have an opinion it. I try my best to practice continuous self care and do what I can to keep myself in a good place. But with so much going on, I found myself ‘canceling’ or being highly disappointed in the actions of some of my favorite entertainers. It’s conflicting because these entertainers are associated with a lot of feel good memories. But does canceling the actions of a person, rollover to canceling their work in their respective crafts?

R. Kelly has definitely been on thin ice for a very long time. Even if you tried not to concern yourself with the rumors and happenings of him and young ladies, there becomes a time where you have to look at the reality of it all.

Robert had been a favorite songwriter of mine, his music was always great and he was undisputedly one of the best. But as I remember reading a article years ago, that revealed has R. Kelly has baited young women for years. It was well known around Chicago, that he would often be parked in a limo outside of schools during dismissal and school officials would allow it. This really bothered me, because it caused me to wonder ‘Who is taking care of these girls’. With people continuing to look the other way, it explained why the behavior went unpunished and there were no sacrifices for their actions. That’s a dangerous situations.

I believe Dr. William Cosby has changed the lives of young black Americans in mi generation. Once a week we were introduced to a healthy successful loving black family. We laughed, and most importantly learned the importance of high education. It was my first time seeing something like this. I always wanted to go to hillman. Seriously, if it was a real institution, I would have attended.But eventually, I did go on to attend a HBCU and literally it changed the course of my life and my families. I was the first to attend college and was able to have influence on young family members. I attribute much of the desire to Bill Cosby, The Cosby Show and A Different World. But can I continue to support and love on black women and openly ignore that Bill admittedly drugged and raped women for years. Will my conscious comfortably give me the option?

‘College Dropout’ made me fall in love with hip hop again. I listened to that cd and felt inspired, and saw so much of myself in Kanye’s creativeness. Sure, I thought he was a bit arrogant but he was also funny, honest, charismatic and he could’ve honestly been one of my homeboys. I appreciated his love and relationship with his mama, because there was a time I would’ve considered myself a mama’s girl. But with all things, he grew, things became different and even if I didn’t like it so much, I could still appreciate and found myself loving his art. The last Kanye West Album I have for myself is ‘808 and Heartbreak’. He was understandably and open about his heartbreak over the death of his mom. And some even contribute Ms. Donda’s death as his turning point. But as his other albums were released, I wasn’t able to identity with his music as much. Maybe we just grew in different directions. My disdain for many of his opinions and life decisions made me view him in a different light. And i learned that, that’s okay. Our views were different and I just learned to appreciate him for the memories he has already provided me.

It would be remiss if me to not acknowledge the struggles and difficulties black men in America experience. Sure, I could account for Black America continued oppression, but I also believe there has to be some accountability of the actions of these men. Life is a bit different when you now live a life of power and privilege. It also hurts me to see the lives, actions and bad decisions if these men. These men, all in their own time and right, were once upon a time, a favorite of mine. At times it feels like a grieving process, I find myself disappointed and hurt. If I listen to the songs that once made me happy, does that make me a part of the problem? If i continue to support their past works, am I apart of the problem? This is something I struggle with, because I am grateful for great works that these men have supplied us. Is it possible to separate the person from their actions?

I have made a conscious decision to appreciate their works but i will not support any new works or projects. Humans wihuman, so even when we know better, we don’t always do better. I will appreciate what I have, the memories they have supplied to my life.. and move forward

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